17 de septiembre de 2019

Expo en Korea "Freedom and Peace

Es un placer que se vea mi trabajo artístico en la Exposición Internacional Freedom and Peace - 5TH GEOJE INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL - en Busan -Korea del Sur: "Freedom and Peace". en el Haegeumgang Theme Museum.Arte hecho en Pamplona para ser disfrutado en Korea del Sur Hoy es el día de la Inauguración 1 de septiembre...Espero que lo disfrutemos todos los artistas participantes:제 5회 거제 국제 아트 페스티벌의 스물다섯 번째 작가 Natxo Zenborain Etxegoien 작가를 소개합니다.Introducing artist Natxo Zenborain Etxegoien, 25th artist from 2019 5th Geoje International Art Festival.Spanish Artist Natxo Zenborain Etxegoien work in a place where they can recognize a world filled with emotions that are far from reality. The weightlessness of the universe, the blurred boundaries, the complex atmosphere, but more purely not bound by any ‘-isms’ but rather derived from his own self.The submitted artwork for 5th Geoje International Art Festival is , a digital art technique that is brilliantly represented by the texture and color of the image of a woman. It's a work of its own, with the warmth of embracing all things, but without difficulty, the hardness of the inside and always accepting new changes, and the symbol of change, the world we live in today's world, by harmonizing it with the women of the present world, in a way that we hope will move toward peace for all.스페인 출신의 Natxo Zenborain Etxegoien 작가는 현실과 동 떨어진 그의 정서로 꽉 찬 세상을 인지할 수 있는 곳에서 환각적이고 색채가 풍부한 작업을 합니다. 우주의 무중력, 흐릿한 경계, 복잡한 분위기지만 오히려 더욱 순수하게 어떤 ‘-이즘’에도 구속되지 않고 독창적으로 그의 자아 속에서 도출하여 표현합니다.금번 제5회 거제 국제아트페스티벌의 출품작 는, 디지털아트 기법으로 여성의 이미지에 지구를 나타내는 질감과 색감들로 화려하게 표현했습니다. 만물을 포용하는 따뜻함을 가졌으나 여리지 않고 내면의 단단함과 늘 새로운 변화를 받아들이는 지구와 지금 현세의 여성을 조화롭게 병치하여 변화의 상징, 즉 우리가 사는 세계가 모두를 위한 평화로 나아갈 것을 그만의 방식으로 소망하는 작품입니다.Detail artworks information
● Size: 85x85cm● The year of Production : 2010● Material: Digital art on canvas

Me siento feliz🙃🙃🙃🙃 con las nuevas noticias desde Korea del Sur . La Exposición Internacional de Arte - Freedom and Peace prevista para este septiembre en el Yukiung Art Museum, tendrá su continuación a mitades de enero del 2020 en Kim Bo Seong Art Center en Seul. 해금강테마박물관 Thanks to the encouragement and support of the artists who participated in the 5th Korea Geoje International Art Festival in 2019, only 37 overseas artists were selected,
The International Art Festival is held at the Gold Boseong Art Center in Seoul.
The Gold Boseong Art Center in Seoul is a famous art museum in Korea
Boseong Boseong is a famous artist in Korea
Overseas artists who participated in the 5th Korea Geoje International Art Festival in 2019
From January 17, 2020 to January 30, 2020, we will tour Korea
I would like to thank all the artists you participated in.
I would also like to thank Kim Bong-Sung, co-sponsor of the 5th Korea Geoje International Art Festival in 2019

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