23 de julio de 2017

De vuelta al trabajo...para Canadá

De cuando te preguntan tus convecinos qué haces que ellos no pueden ver nada mío desde hace 15 años gracias a ciertas "personas anticulturales en cargos". Para el año que viene se pueden venir al MUSEO DE HISTORIA DE LAS CATARATAS DEL NIÁGARA - NIAGARA FALLS HISTORY MUSEUM .Natxo Zenborain has a strange power, a kind of virtue that makes him an endless seeker of experiences. He belongs to an unfortunately uncommon category of heavy vitalists, it doesn´t matter the field in which he is working or the topics he is curious about. NZ is able to offer a lot of surprises which tell about him in many different ways. Around him is possible to appreciate different voices that emerge from the same place and the same time. He doesn´t belong to any "ism". The prolific and versatile works that are shown here represent just a significant but incomplete example from the universe that revolves around this artist. His works can be found in the Museum of Navarra and his exhibitions and his performances/happenings have taken place in Paris (Francia), Pamplona, Huarte,(Navarra) Madrid, Mallorca, Ibiza, Eibar (Gipuzkoa), Durango, Bilbao, (Bizkaia), (Spain) Florencia (Italia) Londres (GB) UNLa (Argentina) NY, Miami (EEUU) Toronto,Ontario (Canada) Bibliography: Art Books and Specialized Magazines.

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