24 de marzo de 2008

Encuentro de Arte-Acción Norogachi 2008 "Performancear o Morir"

Desde Pamplona un afectuoso saludo a Gustavo Alvarez en Norogochi y a los indígenas rarámuris en sus celebraciones y ser fuente de inspiración de este Encuentro de Arte-Acción Norogachi 2008 "Performancear o Morir", recibida vuestra carta y aunque la distancia es larga seguiremos en contacto compartiendo y haciendo. Para mis lectores os recomiendo para más información:



...........celebro que haya sido posible entablar contacto, te comento que acabamos de terminar el festival aquí en Norogachi, pero que seguimos recibiendo las participaciones a la distancia las cuales se subiran al blog , foto, video, texto; todo esto lo seguimos recibiendo asi que si te inspira compartir en esta experiencia de performancear o morir la invitación sigue abierta.

Este compratir y aprender de los indígenas rarámuris son una gran experiencia que esperamos volver a repetir el año siguiente.

Creo en la posibilidad de entablar lazos a la distancia, esperando claro un momento coincidir para saber que es del uno y que es del otro, estrechando visiones; así que celebro tan agitada y constante participación performativa en pamplona, esperando quer un día de estos podamos coincidir en tiempo espacio, aca en México o bien en España para compartir y brandar performance a la comunidad como tu bien llamas de a pie.

Recibe un cordial saludo y seguiremos en contacto,

Y ya sabes resistencia, un abrazo,

Gustavo Alvarez.


"Performancear or to Die"

Encuentro de Arte-Acción Norogachi 2008 "Performancear o Morir"



For why, for what an for who performancear

Norogachi, Mexico, 2008.
In the north of Mexico, an ethnic group exists who resists to die in spite of the push of the West, knows itself them like raramuris, according to his cosmovision find a Straits felt between her dances and the order of the world, thus for them is from extreme importance of celebrating; since in his cotidianity there are few reasons to do it, so that they enjoy to the maximum the moments that they have catalogued like exclusive for this aim; one of them is Easter, to celebrate for them is to do it of form active this way feel that in his hands this power to influence in daily, to extend by means of these manifestations so that everything continues working and with luck improves, we celebrate the fact to follow in the action.

The concept

We considered that the actions are own of the human sort, that each group has found by means of these actions the possibility of approach with its surroundings, to obtain favors of, to render tribute to him by means of the ritual; is possible proto performatives actions now restored in the order of the artistic thing, of the aesthetic thing, talked about to something ampler, significant and of greater repercussion and importance for all those that vivian it; to be in a manifestation of these magnitudes marked the participants, towards feeling that in them the change possibility. This league between actions and so that, so that and for who, we think that they have come vanishing or transmutation themselves, the important thing is that now in the heat of XXicentury to answer this seems to take sense, perhaps by some moments is benefit the performance to clear it of all artistic covering, to undress it, and to all those to us that we make performance, with the intention to know that I motivate to us in first instance to make them, and perhaps some we will find that they were not the festivales, neither the congresses, nor I title of performance artist, perhaps like our predecessors, fel us with the power to influence in somebody, to change something, is to say that our representations did not remain in the order of the aesthetic judgment, product of an ecstasy by the truth of which it implies to be art. In the culture raramuri, is a phrase that we allowed ourselves to change, she says "To dance or To die", we have changed it by "Performancear or to die", first shines I finish "performancear", same who we attributed like totally Mexican, is the form in which we talked about the action to make performance, art action; this way we turned verb to the performance, the resignificamos, being born the verb to performancear, (verb = action) this way we did not move away but we condensed the positions and differences between the performance and the action, aca occurs a species of interactive mixture, between which refuiere to the performance and the action. Ritualist action and journeying in that gallant cotidianity, influences in the form and contents of which we make performance, covering by a past/present and present/future, noticeable and vicerales resistances, that performanceamos we and do not make performance, are performanceros before being performance artists. This way we think that the phrase "Performancear or to die" is not single a slogan, but the invitation to make an act autoreflexiv and to go towards what I take to us for the first time to be within the world of the performance, that there is of behind all this from the personal point of view, visceral and volitivo, that motivates to us to continue conducting battles.

The proposal

The encounter will be made days 20, 21 and 22 of March, in the town of
Norogachi, which is in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.
That they are united to us of all parts of the world so that together we remember what I take to us to experience the performance, art action or performancear.
Accompany in the celebration raramuri,with respect
To try to answer of autoreflexiv way so that, so that and for that to make performance, art action, to performancear.
To find a space of performativa coexistence.

Like participating

Option A To Participation in Norogachi.
To come to
Norogachi, Mexico to participate in the Raramuri celebration.
To take space from autoreflexion to think about so that, so that and for that, to make performance, art action, to performancear.
To experience the premise "Performancear or to die"
Is important to arrivar with two or a day of anticipation (18 or 19 of March)

Option B: Worldwide participation
Make a performative piece in relation to performativos acts raramuris (Same that were explained and they related in blog where this call can also be consulted)
To make a piece that sends to the sensation undergone in your first actions to you.
To destine one of the days of that week to reflect about the questions for why, for what and for who to make performance, art action, to performancear.
Of individual way or like group to cause this reflection about which it occurs to us now like performance creators, art action.
To send blog the form in as they participated, photos, videos of which made, asi like its conclusions like part of autoreflexion or of the work group.

Lodging, transportation and food:

Each artist to cover the expenses of its transportation, food and lodging.
The event will centralize in Norogachi, to be in a place together and to eat together.
For greater information can be put in contact with Gustavo Alvarez.
Lodging 10 dollars daily per day and person, is due to pay when arriving in advance.
The cost by lodging and feeding is of 25 dollars per day and by person, it is due to pay when arriving in advance.
Recommendations for trasportación: Arrival to the international
airport of Chihuahua, central terrestrial trasportación of Chihuahua-Parral buses (Cost approx 10 dollars, Parral-Guachochi (Cost approx 7 dollars), Guachochi-Norogachi (taxis 30 dollars with fitted for 5 people and luggage).
Aerial route of any part of the world, to fly to the international airport of the City of Mexico and ahi to the
airport of Chihuahua. Some verified routes to arrive directly at the Airport of Chihuahua are: Vegas-Chihuahua, A'ngeles-Hermosillo-Chihuahua, Dallas-Houston-Chihuahua, Atlanta-Monterrey-Cihuahua.
Terrestrial arrival to the power station of
Chihuahua buses, Chihuahua-Parral (Cost approx 10 dollars), Parral-Guachochi (Cost approx 7 dollars), Guachochi-Norogachi (taxis 30 dollars pesos with fitted for 5 people and luggage).
VISA and Passport: Several exist pasises that do not need Visa, single to count on their effective Passport, some countries are the following ones: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Belize, Canada, Chile, Korea South del, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, the United States, Finland, France, Greece, Guatemala, Holland, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican, Swiss Republic.

Receive a Warm greeting, and best desires.
Gustavo Alvarez.

In order to confirm participation: Gustavo Alvarez, diabolo_666mx@yahoo.com,
Lodging and travels: Gustavo Alvarez, diabolo_666mx@yahoo.com,
performancear@gmail.com www.performancearomorir.blogspot.com
NOTE: Please to confirm his asistencioa, since 19 day 18 and of March, in Guachochi, to orient them in trasnportacion to Norogachi

- Para ver el texto en castellano y más información de este encuentro www.performancearomorir.blogspot.com

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